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Programmed Property Maintenance

Plumfast also offers an extensive programmed maintenance service in Adelaide for both commercial and residential buildings. Plumfast will take away the worry and concern of your industrial preventative maintenance requirements. We have experience in planned and programmed maintenance and will contact you to let you know when the required program of preventative maintenance is due.

Don't compromise on the safety of your home or office; call Plumfast on 1300 758 632 today about our Programmed Property Maintenance.

At Plumfast we understand the feeling of having such a large investment such as your property, your land and home, which can be the most important investment in many people’s lives and that means you need someone to achieve the minor repairs when needed or complete the larger projects to a high standard in and around the home. The programmed property maintenance is a highly respected service our clients use us for, as we are able to investigate and complete minor alterations or repairs.

Here at Plumfast we believe what we do from answering your phone calls, emails and queries to completing every job and task you demand can help preserve one of your greatest and most expensive investments. We ensure that we are there to help you receive the maximum life expectancy as we introduce a preventive maintenance program that preserves your assets.

Preserving your assets is one thing but as our Technicians investigate your investment and our processes will also help our clients anticipate greater faults, allowing our clients timeto plan for renovations and organise a budget that we will offer our expertise in terms of the length (time) of the renovation and the approximate cost of the renovation or a larger repair.

Licence No: BLD274975
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Phone: (08) 8281 7783

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Our technicians are highly trained to work with a wide variety of brands, makes and models and are certain to understand what you need.


We believe in putting the needs of our clients at the forefront and providing quality craftsmanship. We take pride in the many services that we offer to our customers.


Pricing in the plumbing industry can be all over the map and as a consumer, you unfortunately experience the brunt of outdated pricing models.