Back Flow Testing

Plumfast is a licensed and certified backflow tester and has years of experience with backflow prevention in Adelaide. Plumfast offers a backflow prevention service including installation, backflow testing servicing and backflow repairs.

Backflow is a plumbing term that is used to detail the flow of the water within the pipes that is continuing to fall or moving in the wrong direction. This could possibly threaten the public and private water supply as the backflows are basically caused by ‘cross-connections’; these are connections between safe drinking water supply and possible sources of contamination. Many homes have the potential hazard to cross connect and that is the result of backflows occurring throughout the pipework.

For the backflow to occur the private property water supply is lost or is at low pressure due to the pipe work may be faulty or may be cracked or damaged releasing some of the pressure moving the water along the piping system. This is how potential contaminates can enter the piping system and thus causing the water flowing back to the utility service mains.

The possible contamination that has entered the waterway becomes a vastly greater problem when the water flow is reinstated and can continue to flow in the wrong direction, creating flow of water mixed with contaminated fluid either from sewerage form your toilet, shower or garbage disposal or dishwasher in your kitchen. This allows distribution of contaminates to other users in the home.

At Plumfast we want to ensure your safety from harmful contamination, which is why we suggest and recommend installing a backflow prevention system. The device prevents the reverse of the water flow, stopping contaminates from entering the water supply; these devices are often registered with the Office of the Technical Regulator (OTR) in accordance with Building Code requirements.