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PVC pipes laid underground can sometimes sustain minor damages due to plant roots or encroaching tree. Burst Pipe Repair in Adelaide is caused by animals who love to dig underground. Fixing underground PVC requires extensive effort on your part for digging up to the level of the broken pipe. Locating the leak can be a challenge, but sometimes a damp place or water puddle can help in detecting it. Once you identify the leak, you can make the repairs at an affordable cost and complete them within 6 hours, after all the sealants have set.

First Step – You need to locate the leak near the Burst Pipe Repair in Adelaide. Moreover, if the PVC pipe is connecting to sprinkler systems is found damaged, the sprinklers will not allow a proper operation that is attached to the pipeline.

Second step – Switch off the main water supply. You may have to contact the municipality or related authorities to shut off the water of your home, or you may have access to stop the water directly at your home.

Third Step – Dig till the sides and underneath of the PVC pipe. After locating the leak, and exposing the surrounding area of that pipe, evaluate the surrounding area for further damage.

Fourth Step – Estimate if you need to replace the entire Burst Pipe Repair in Adelaide, or just that section of it. If you have only a small section of pipe that appears to be affected, replacing the entire pipe may prove costly.

Fifth Step – Cut out the section of the pipe by sawing the pipe 6 inches from each side of the affected area. This will ensure you also cut out any hairline fractures or other damaged parts in that area.

Sixth step – Assess the surrounding area of soil that might have caused the Burst Pipe Repair in Adelaide. If you think that the tree or plant root is the culprit, remove the root from the piping, as it should not extend more than 4 feet from the pipe. It’s better to transplant the tree to avoid future reoccurrence along the PVC line.

Seventh step – Cut a portion from a new PVC pipe to fill in the remaining gap on the pipeline. Ensure that it will fit and be secured without any gaps.

Eighth Step – Apply silicon sealant along the ends of each side of the PVC pipe that is being replaced. Place the new slice along the line, and securing the Burst Pipe Repair in Adelaide. You should hold it for few minutes for ensuring that it will not slip.

Ninth Step – Install the joints over each of the sealant lines and tighten them in place secured manner, and allow them to set for at least 2 hours.

Tenth & final Step – Turn the mains on and test the line for ensuring that the sealant has properly set and no other leaks have been left unattended in the line. Let the water run freely for at least 15-20 minutes. After you test, the new line is running smoothly, place the dug mud back over the PVC pipe and cover up completely as it was before.

If the leakage persists you can rely on us for fixing your Burst Pipe Repair in Adelaide no matter what needs are going to be. Amongst the most common plumbing problems faced doing you, the leaking or burst pipe is one of the most annoying but hard to ignore. Not only there is damaged pipe itself, more widespread than just the specific leaking section; there is also a distinct possibility of further damage done to the surrounding structures like walls of your home, floor, carpets, etc. Water leakage also adds up to the water bills. These end up in the draining of hard-earned cash.

You should not wait to fix a leaking pipe is which aggravates and becomes a serious issue like Burst Pipe Repair in Adelaide. People have been the forum to make this mistake quite often. Contact Plumfast as soon as the pipe bursts or starts to leak and we’ll send one of our fully qualified and licensed leaking pipe professionals to your home straight away to take care of it. We take pride in having efficient solutions for very issues, as all our professionals have the skills, knowledge, experience, and tools to undertake projects for repairing or replacing any issues. They are always equipped with a huge range of spare parts for most of the common piping materials in their vans at all times, so attending any Burst Pipe Repair in Adelaide will most likely be capable of on spot replacement.

Not all pipes are the same quality and materials.

At Plumfast, we know that there’s nothing more irritating than trying to find a professional plumber who is capable of working with the type of piping structure that you’ve got in your home. There might be water leaking everywhere, so you don’t have time for this! That’s why Plumfast has made sure our burst pipe experts have the needed expertise, apart from experience and equipment to be capable of Burst Pipe Repair in Adelaide. They can do for the most common piping materials of Australia, including all the brands of plastics and varieties of metals. In this way, you don’t need to worry about anything. All you need to do is contact us, and our professionals will resolve the issues for you.

Plumfast offers round the clock service ensuring that your needs are met perfectly on time. Even at night, we prefer to complete the work for you as in daytime you may be affected while we switch off the main lines. It does not matter what time you call us, but Plumfast makes sure that we fix the issue to the best of our capability, minimizing the quantum of damage caused by it. Expert Plumber of eastern suburbs in Adelaide will be on the scene in minutes for assessing the damage and locate the source of the leakage and offer you with the available resolutions. Apart from this we also provide Backflow testing in Adelaide.