Tips and Advice

Carbon monoxide awareness week is the 27 April to 3 May and we aim to educate those on the dangers of the deadly, tasteless invisible gas. Thankfully technology is progressing and helping us all save lives and investments.

Technology has improved our lives and we find out how technology can affect and carbon monoxide awareness. The colder weather is coming and the risk of CO poising increases so see our tips to ensure your safety from CO. Don’t go any further if you aren’t completely aware of the risks of carbon monoxide

How technology is helping us win the battle with carbon monoxide

Like a team of avengers helping us in a battle we didn’t know we were fighting, technology has improved our awareness of carbon monoxide. We identify products that could become a common feature in homes around the world and many wrists around the world…

Carbon monoxide technology has improved livability with innovative carbon monoxide detection systems. There is peace of mind knowing that one alarm system will alert you to a fire or a poisonous gas.

Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The new Nest Protect Smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarm has released its second generation. This sleek new system can be hardwired or battery powered. Connected to your smart device, the Nest Protect will take the worry out of the small things. Your device will register information from the system when the batteries are dead or why the light is flashing.

With easy to understand alerts, the Nest Protect identifies danger and sends the warning to your mobile device. It provides information about what has happened, whether it’s burnt toast or a carbon monoxide leak in the living area.

First Alert Onelink

Who said your smoke alarm was just for saving lives, First Alert Onelink has built a detector for the ‘living’. With advanced technology, First Alert has created a smoke and CO detector which adds a premium speaker and Amazon’s Alexa.

The First Alert Onelink also connects to the Apple HomeKit, which enables the alarm to monitor individual rooms. You can download the Onelink app straight to your device, allowing direct notifications.

Apple’s future patent

We have heard amazing news out of silicone valley. Apple have been awarded a patent to develop future Apple devices such as the iPhone and Apple watch to act as a poisonous gas detector. Find out more about the successful patent and technology involved and possibly when we could see it in reality.