Gas Fitting

Plumfast are licensed gas plumbers and experts at detecting gas leaks in Adelaide. We can carry out installations, servicing and repairs for all types of gas plumbing maintenance.

A gas leak is an extremely serious situation and potential health hazard. Gas leaks in Adelaide should be handled with great care to prevent damage to our clients and their property. If you suspect a gas leak or smell gas switch off your gas supply immediately and call Plumfast on 1300 758 632, if you do not know where this is located remove yourself from the building.

When ensuring your home is safe place for you and your family to live you may often have your own checklist but on our local Adelaide plumbers’ checklist is to ensure we minimise the threat that South Australian families could be under if there were to be a gas leak. Being aware of that unique smell that gas leaking through pipe work gives off and understanding that smell is your first and most important indicator, there should be no hesitation to call Plumfast on 1300 758 632 for our one of our friendly staff to walk you through possibly shutting off your gas supply as we organise a time for our emergency plumber come visit your property.

Plumfast’s qualified gas technicians have all had many years experience dealing with the precautions of possible gas leaks, and to further enhances the success of the sourcing of the leak and the repair and maintenance we currently have access to the latest gas leak detection devices and pressure testing equipment. The Plumfast field technicians understand and stress to the Adelaide public how dangerous even the minor gas leaks could become, that is why at Plumfast we have ensured our field technicians are qualified gas fitters in Adelaide.

Natural Gas has an odour added to the flow and is placed for safety reason to be able to identify the possible leak rather leaving it unattended. Call Plumfast on 1300 758 632 and we will treat the identification or the repair of your gas leak in Adelaide as a priority and an emergency for our technicians.