Gas line installation in Adelaide needs more involvement from an expert than installing a Water Pipe Line. Gasworks on a relatively low pressure compared to that of water even if our main gas has done and are still needs to be upgraded. If you consider the average pressure of water lines to their home, it is approximately 500kpa on average and & the average gas pressures to anyone’s home is approximately 1.4kpa. There is a huge difference for which why it is more complex to design and install a new gas line. Experts with years of experience can design it efficiently too.

Plumfast as licensed gas fitters prefers & advises to check few things to take into consideration of any project relating to Gas line installation in Adelaide. The number of appliances that are going to be connected has to be evaluated first. How much gas do these appliances consume and the location of the installation. Once these items have been identified & answered the gas line can then be installed. This evaluation process helps minimize any accidents in the near future and minimize the maintenance costs by a significant margin.

Then we evaluate the size of the Gas line installation in Adelaide. You might have noticed around a majority of homes that the water pipelines are usually 20mm from the water meter to the house and then most of the time 15mm copper tube installed to the various fixtures such as Wash Basins, Showers, Kitchen Sinks and other options like garden taps to name a few. With Gas, we do not have enough pressure around the home from the gas meter. That’s why you may notice that the pipe leading to the house from the meter is actually around 25mm to 40mm in diameter. This is because we don’t have high pressure into the house and rely upon the flow through pipes with a larger diameter.

The layout for Gas line installation in Adelaide and amount of the appliances on site depends on how far a pipe must travel with a large diameter. For example, if a customer has a Hot Water Service installed in their home for continuous flow of hot water, then a large diameter pipe must then be installed all the way to the appliance. Hot Water Service like this requires a large amount of gas as it is soaked energy like bloodthirsty & consumes somewhere in the range of approx 150 megajoules.

Keeping this in mind you should take into account other items along the Gas line installation in Adelaide to the Hot Water appliances, which needs to increase the connection like that of Gas Cook Top, portable room heaters, and Gas Ovens. All these contribute to the overall size of the gas mains, as the pipe has to carry enough gas to supply these appliances as well as the Hot Water System at the end of the line. If the pipeline is too small and all the appliances are in operation, they will be starved for gas and not operate at their maximum efficiency.

The materials that are commonly used during Gas line installation in Adelaide are either copper tube or gas pipework. Majority of plumbers use a copper tube as they are geared up to use this because it can not only be used for gas but also water, so they are always carrying the various tools needed to install this system such as oxygen and acetylene and Viega crimping equipment. When supporting the new gas pipeline distances to the centers for brackets vary from 1.5m for smaller diameter pipes to then 2.5m for larger diameter pipework.

Once the Gas line installation in Adelaide has been constructed as per the layout and bracketed to Australian Standards by our licensed gas plumbers at Plumfast, it must be labeled correctly identifying that the pipework is carrying gas and then tested using a water manometer. This process ensures that no leaks have occurred during the installation process. Once this has been done, all the appliances can be commissioned. The test should be done by using digital gas manometer only.

The digital gas manometer that we use after Gas line installation in Adelaide is a better piece of equipment compared to that of the water manometer and is, therefore, the most preferred method of setting working pressures of gas appliances such as ovens, cooktops and barbecue’s, which have regulators that are manually adjusted. Things like that of continuous flow hot water systems & portable gas room heaters adjust the working pressures electronically and don’t require adjustment but require checking with a digital manometer to confirm that they are working as specified by the manufacturers.

Performing the task of sizing a new gas connection to mains, commonly known as Gas line installation in Adelaide it can be intimidating for many newcomers in this plumbing industry as they choose not to get involved with this particular part of the plumbing. Having years of experience on various types of gas installations, be it Plumbing of new homes Adelaide or commercial levels, Plumfast takes pride that our gas plumbers are experts at getting the job done professionally for our customers every time and under budget.

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