Plumfast Trade Services Guarantee

Our Customer’s Peace of Mind

The peace of mind that you have is at the forefront of our minds as we do our best to ensure your experience with us is a positive one and one that begins to develop your trust in us.

When you book with Plumfast our systems will have your relevant information such as your name and mobile number to your address and that will store the information regarding every stage of the tasks at the ease of access for our helpful staff in our Adelaide based call center. Plumfast Trade Services is gaining the reputation for being able to satisfy clients whether their needs may be a small task or large job, we have the professionalism and resources needed to orchestrate a suitable time and timeline with our clients.

In keeping with the peace of mind for our clients, we have introduced supervisors and coordinators support our field technicians and take that information back to the senior managers as well as the efficiency department. We are always looking to improve our services and this is another step towards having total peace of mind for existing clients and new clients.

Plumfast has always been a family run business and that has been part of its culture for many years. There is a personal service that we believe as our clients are more than just a one time job, we try and implement our services for you that one day you will become apart of the reason Plumfast operates into the years to come.


We charge fairly and transparently for our work. Our quoted prices are always upheld, as we believe in giving quality work that is considered a value for money service.

At Plumfast our aim is to quote accurately and correctly when we get the chance. With the use of our accurate pricing system and the years of experience from all corners of the business we can be confident there will be no unnecessary charge and you will only be charged for the work carried out.

The responsibility will sit with us for our charges and if you do believe you have been overcharged, please contact us as we will instantly be able to cross reference our invoices with our tracking resources as well as the technician report to ensure we have comprehensive information to understand and amend the invoice.

Plumfast Technicians will:

  1. Not overcharge customers under any circumstances.
  2. Not carry out any unnecessary work.
  3. Not talk customers into any work that is not needed.
  4. Not charge for two tradesmen on two-handed work unless necessary – an apprentice will be used wherever possible.
  5. Not charge for excessive time spent collecting materials. Collection times over 60 minutes must be agreed with the customer.
  6. Not charge an excessive trade markup on materials – a maximum of up to 30% is company policy.
  7. Not charge for non-work related phone calls, or engage in them during working time.
  8. Make sure that we only charge for time spent at a job and the number of hours worked.
  9. Make sure we present an invoice showing a comprehensive description of work.

Workmanship Guarantees

Our drain cleaning is covered by a 30 day warranty

3 Month Warranty – we provide 3 month warranties on small maintenance repair jobs. Our labour is covered for 3 months

12 Month Warranty – our tap repairs are covered by our 12 month warranty as well as all our gas works.

10 Year Warranty – Our complete Bathroom Renovations carry out our 10 year warranty on all materials and labour.

Licence No: BLD274975
ABN: 11 168 690 453
Phone: (08) 8281 7783

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