Leaking Taps and Toilets

Leaking taps and toilets cost money and can be a huge annoyance that can quickly lead to other damages. Put an end to the drips and call Plumfast to repair that dripping tap, leaking shower head or lagging flushing of the toilet, call Plumfast for a great service in Adelaide.

As our world begins to become more environmentally friendly we like to think here at Plumfast we are doing our part to ensure we reduce the amount of wasted energy in Adelaide. On average a leaking tap in your home could cause an extreme shock when you realise that every single day it leaks it could waste up to a liter of water. Even once you notice your bathroom basin tap or kitchen mixer tap start to leak, call Plumfast on 1300 758 632 to stop the annoying constant drips and allow us to put a stop to all the wastage.

A leaking tap, whether it in the kitchen or the bathroom or the shower can all experience leakage as it generally is caused over time as certain parts of the tap begin to be worn out. Taps and faucets are consistently put under constant pressure and that is why it isn’t a surprise that to see taps leaking and not running the water at the same pressure it once was and more often than not there is really no more to it than maybe a tap replacement or just a tap service.

Plumfast is the reliable company that you can trust to finish the task you need and ensure we go above and beyond ones expectations, however small a job a tap leak seems, it is in our passion at Plumfast for our clients to have access to clean running water in their home. With our friendly and trustworthy service accompanied with our competitive prices, it’s a service that shouldn’t be over looked.

Adelaide Tapware installations and Tapware Replacements

Replacing your tapware or installing a brand new set of tapware can seem like a small task and often could be a DIY process, however at Plumfast we understand that many may see the job as a daunting task or one that may not want to be touched and in the busy hustle and bustle of the modern day world, rely on Plumfast to take the hassle out of home maintence and call Plumfast, your truly local plumber in Adelaide.

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