Leaking Taps & Toilets

Are you dealing with dripping taps and leaking toilets in your home? We understand how annoying a simple drip of your kitchen tap may be, as well as multi-flushing your toilet as your cistern wont stop leaking. You wont have to worry about the money you are wasting or the damages constant leaking water can cause, we are your local Adelaide plumbers and are readily available to repair your dripping taps and leaking toilets.

Keep an eye on those leaking taps and toilets, you could:

Save up to 20 thousand liters of water a year
Decrease that figure on your water bill
Reduce the possibility of structure damage.

As we focus on becoming more environmentally friendly to limit the overuse of resources, we are trying to reducing the amount of water wasted in Adelaide. On average a number of dripping taps in your home could waste up to enough water to fill a swimming pool.

A dripping tap is often caused by the washers in the spindle being over tightened, when a professional is involved in the tap repairs be sure to ask whether they are using a hydroseal. Standard washers no longer have the quality to withstand the constant pressure taps are placed under. Often the solution may be to repair the spindle unless it is beyond repair. A Plumfast guarantee is that we stand by the quality of the products installed, which is why we replace all standard washers with high quality hydroseals during repairs.

Adelaide tapware installations and replacements

Replacing your tapware or installing a brand new set of tapware can seem like a small task however we understand that many may see the job as a daunting task or one that may not want to be touched and in the busy hustle and bustle of the modern day world, rely on Plumfast to take the hassle out of home maintenance and call Plumfast, your truly local plumber in Adelaide.