Pipe Relining

With new technology repairing your damage drain without digging up your driveway or pulling up your beloved garden can become a reality; even from under your home we will savethe cost and the inconvenience of getting under floorboards. The assistance of the latest technology has left those damaged pipe components ready to be fixed with minimal difficulty.

New Technology: Pipe Relining solutions

Pipe Relining is a modern process that can repair the damaged sections of the pipe work from within the pipe, eliminating the need for digging up the ground around it and replacing those damage components.

How the process works

We place an epoxy resin to seal off the corrosion and holes left by intruding tree roots inside the existing pipe work, ultimately creating a new solid pipe inside the pre-existing pipe.

Plumfast technicians will inspect the damaged pipework for corrosion and intruding tree roots; if suspected we will than use our access to Hydro Jet services to blast high pressure water into pockets of corrosion, applying pressure to the tree roots before the technician is able to do a final inspection to determine the efficiency of a relining solution.

The technician will attempt a final CCTV video camera inspection following the setting process of the epoxy lining, ensuring that the process has been completed sufficiently and the repairs have restored the pipe allowing usual service to begin.

Call Plumfast to help determine if pipe relining will be the best solution for the occurring problems

If we are not able to repair the pipe through the relining technology…

Our project coordinators will determine whether the pipework is unfixable but the relining and will be far more efficient to continue to Excavate and Replace the drain.

Drain Excavation and Replacement can occur when the initial and the following inspection reveal a section or an entirety of the property’s drain has gone beyond repair. Plumfast can consider this a last resort as you consider cost and time, however Plumfast will take care of the situation, as we are able to excavate and replace all or just part of the property’s drain.

The most important thing that must be considered is whether your property will grant adequate access for excavation machinery. If our trusted project coordinator believes there are no adequate access points, manual excavation will be the only option to complete the task.

Once the damaged drain is exposed and removed, the existing trench is prepared and levelled as necessary. The new length of PVC pipe systems is placed inside the trench as the technician levels the drainage ensuring there can be no back flow back to the house; following its inspection the trench is back filled as the compacted soil will ensure greater support for the drain.