Pipe repairs and Leak detection

Plumfast’s team of Adelaide plumbers are experts at detecting water leaks and are able to promptly find a solution. If you suspect a water leak we advise you to do something about it sooner rather than later, as leaking pipes not only waste water supply but also can potentially cause structural damage.

All of our plumbers in Adelaide have the expertise to locate a hidden burst pipe or water leak and put your mind at ease.

Unlike viewing and hearing the annoyance of a leaking tap, there are other areas where leaks may go undetected from human senses; quite often when pipes do leak they occur from behind walls or below slabs and in sewer pipes or stormwater drains. Plumfast’s team of Adelaide plumbers have access to the latest in leak detection technology to help identify the issue.

When there is a leak in your home or business it is possible that a simple leak occurring from the pipe work could cause significant building and structural if left unreported. There are certain other signs that you could look for when suspecting a leak in the pipe work:

Wet areas of the garden that never seem to dry up

An unexplained growth of the plants or trees in one area of your garden

Damp or mould growth on walls, ceilings, and flooring

Cracks appearing in concrete, brickwork, or tiles

Persistent water stains on walls, ceilings, floors or woodwork

Warped or expanded cabinetry

Areas of paint chipping or bubbling

A musty or damp smell

Our skilled plumbers make it an easier task to locate hard-to-find or difficult to access leaks with the necessary resources needed available in all our technician’s vans. Plumfast’s technicians aim to gather clear evidence of the damages to the pipework below the garden or below you home and sure transparencybetween the information our clients receive, as your local Adelaide plumbers from Plumfast will then complete the necessary repairs as we ensure your leak is fixed in a timely,professional and cost effective manner.

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