Tips and Advice

Plumfast understands that an operational and well-presented bathroom is needed for a happy home. We can fulfill your bathroom requirements with latest gadgets, whether you require Plumbing home maintenance in Adelaide or a full-scale renovation. We will be there for you right from the planning stages to the installation, monitoring the whole project for ensuring that you get your dream bathroom that suits your lifestyle. We create and design theme bathrooms from a wide range of styles including modern, contemporary, with minimal traditional designs. We provide our consultancy & quotations free of cost and complete the residential and commercial projects.

Plumfast provides all trading services under one roof, enabling one company to cover your complete Plumbing home maintenance in Adelaide. We use quality fixtures tap wear and joinery and take pride in our skills. Our expert professionals are fully qualified & accredited in each field and are committed to continual improvement, keeping ourselves updated with the latest industry standards and trends in plumbing and gas fitting. We provide reliable and affordable solutions for repairs and all services required by a wet area.  Our experts are fully geared to meet our client’s requirements.

Blocked Drain – We treat blocked drains as one of the emergency cases amongst all Plumbing home maintenances in Adelaide. Whether it’s your toilet, kitchen, laundry or bathroom, a blocked drain can be a nightmare for the entire family, so we understand the urgency for these issues to be fixed as quickly as possible. Our teams of plumbers are experts on blocked drains. It is our expertise that guarantees the quickest possible solution for your blocked drain issues. Power draining is an effective form of clearing blocked drains. Power drain cleaning machines are commonly used for the standard toilet; sewer and storm-water drain blockages.

Regular Cleaning of drains along with Plumbing home maintenance in Adelaide is one of the best ways to stay away from blocked drains. Hydro Jets provide the best options in drain cleaning, however this more powerful & higher operating costs are not required for the majority of standard blocked drain issues. Hydro jet cleaning is reserved for stubborn blockages where standard power drain cleaning equipment hasn’t been able to clear the blockage, like heavy root intrusion, solid grease chokes or partially collapsed drains. Hydro Jets saves the cost of excavation on similar serious drain blockages.

CCTV Video drains surveys are a very effective means of Plumbing home maintenance in Adelaide. It facilitates our plumbers in assessing the condition & locating the faults in underground drainage systems. Technologically advanced gadgets can detect problems in places which are out of reach in the most effective way. A CCTV video drain survey is the ideal way to diagnose a problem, locate it, assess, and present our clients with the best range of repairing options. Our CCTV drain equipment is also used to check the state of your pipeline, helping us to offer approaches to preventing the problem from future occurrences which might be expensive.

Backflow is a situation when water flows in the incorrect direction and is treated as one of the major issues plumbing home maintenance in Adelaide.  This occurs when the water supply for the residential is lost or is at low pressure due to service repairs. Potential contaminants can enter the pipeline via leakages or other water connections flowing back into the service mains. Once the water supply is reinstated, it allows redistribution of these contaminants to other users also. We are registered backflow device testers and authorized installers and are experts in such situations.

Gutters and storm water drains plays a significant role in your roof and plumbing home maintenance in Adelaide. Once the damage occurs, it leads to serious leakage and flooding issues. Storm water often drains overflow when they become obstructed by tree roots, and debris of dry leaves or dirt and silt build up. Gutters overflow when they are choked with tree debris, leaves and silt or downpipes become blocked. Gutter cleaning and downpipe cleaning can stop these blockages from becoming an expensive issue. When these problems are evident and left unattended, they lead to structural damage to your home.

Leaking taps need immediate attention to save water. If you want to upgrade and refresh your bathroom, contact us for plumbing home maintenance in Adelaide! Our plumbing experts know tapware and sanitary ware and will offer you with the ultimate plumbing solution. We supply and install new taps and fixtures or install and connect furnished fixtures and taps as and when required. For fast & efficient project management without mess or any inconvenience to your lifestyle, contact us now for replacing your taps & sanitary ware today.

As most of our heating & cooling gadgets perform on natural gas like propane, repairing of these appliances are one of the common issues amongst plumbing home maintenances in Adelaide.  Regular cleaning of the air filter can keep you away. Sometimes the pilot light gets off and creates unnecessary hassles for your day to day work. Many people are installing tankless water heater as it optimizes heat and electricity. We are experienced in a wide range of fitting services, including repairing of gas leak detection, complete installation of hot water systems, and repairs and replacement of existing gas piping. Whether you use gas appliances using LPG or natural gas, our professional plumbers will offer you to resolve your Water heater repairs in Adelaide be it residential or commercial requirements might be.

Other than plumbing home maintenance in Adelaide, we have experienced, qualified & equipped plumbers who can handle all of your roofing issues, including repairs and replacement. We try to fix the problem first; however if renovation doesn’t provide a lasting solution, we provide replacement options. If you’re not sure of how much work your roof repair will require, there’s no need to worry. Contact us today and rely on our capable hands. Latest gadgets are not too complex for us. As building maintenance and renovation work also mean coordinating more than one trade, our Licensed Plumber of Adelaide will help you arrange additional trades that you might require.