We’ve all faced similar situations like something gets dropped down the toilet, or disposal or toilet gets clogged, or bathroom sink gets backed up, or the water heater starts leaking. Our first thought may be to call a plumber. Immediately, you may find yourself thinking, “That’s expensive. I can fix it.” Some plumbing fixes are difficult than others and need Renovations in Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen. If you decide to take on a plumbing repairing option yourself, you’ll want to ensure that you avoid the most common plumbing mistakes, so you don’t cause more problems than you solve.

Common Plumbing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Before you start looking online for DIY videos, you may wonder, which problems can you fix yourself and when to call a plumber. Many DIY projects can be pretty straightforward and even satisfy as you learn something new. How easy is it to fix your plumbing? Which fixes are manageable for the average homeowner, and what should be left to the pros? Our licensed plumbers share their secrets about Renovations in Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen. These are some of the disasters they’ve seen on the field when DIY goes wrong.

Foreign Objects Stuck

Toilet clogs are homeowner’s biggest nightmare. No one ever wants to come back up after flushing it away. Remember to not flush paper towels, tampons, condoms, makeup removal pads or hair down the toilet. These items are common culprits for clogged toilets. Excess toilet paper can also be a problem. If you routinely have problems with toilet clogs, consider reducing your toilet paper usage or switching to single-ply. Cleaning the toilet frequently will help prevent build up or else need frequent Renovations in Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen.

Children or Pets causes issues

You may have a situation where little kid or Pet decides it would be a great idea to stuff one of his toys down the toilet and flush it to “see what happens.” Your first instinct may be to get out the plunger. However, plunging can make the problem worse by pushing the toy into the waste line. Your DIY efforts could cost you more than if you’d just called the plumber in the first place. If you want to give a try, the first thing you should do is to shut off the water valve. It’s important to know where the main home shut off valve is in case you need it.

Our Silly activities cause for Renovations in Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen

Putting down unnecessary things like used sheets or towels, should not be thrown in the toilet. Remember some of the water might be dirty as whatever clog which exists comes loose. Start with the plunger if it doesn’t appear that you will push the object further down into the pipe. If that doesn’t work, you’ll need to use a toilet auger. You may be tempted to use a plumbing snake, but in doing so, you may cause more problems than you solve. Toilet augers are less likely to cause damage than a plumbing snake.

Safety measures during Renovations in Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen on your own

If you decide to keep going, you’ll need to put on some gloves. To get started, retract the coil into your auger’s shaft. Next, place the coil head into your toilet bowl, with the coils inside of the drain. Then, rotate the handle to extend the coil down your toilet’s U trap, which is the section of pipe which goes from your toilet bowl out of your toilet and into the sewer pipe. Continue to crank the handle until the auger is fully extended. You may encounter resistance in the area where the blockage is located. You know the stoppage is cleared once the water begins to drain from the toilet bowl.

Care about Renovations in Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen on your own

Once the blockage has been removed, rotate the handle in the opposite direction to bring the coil head out of your U trap and back into the auger. Flush the toilet to ensure that your toilet is working regularly again. In some cases, you may need to repeat the process of extending the coil head into the U trap two or three times for the blockage to be cleared. If you decide to remove the toilet, you’ll want to flush the toilet to remove any existing water. Then, remove the bolts at the base of the toilet. Enlist someone to help you lift the toilet off of the ground. Then, use the snake to get the clogged object out of the bowl. You will need to replace the wax ring with a new one before bolting the toilet back in place. If you want to avoid DIY, you can call a professional plumber for Renovations in Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen.

Clogged garbage removal

It can be tempting to throw away all your leftover food into the disposal or peel a potato in the sink. It’s called garbage disposal; shouldn’t food waste go down there? Not always, and it shouldn’t be treated like the garbage can. Although tiny little garbage disposal blades can damage your hands or accidentally-dropped spoons, they are not always the best when it comes to foods or peels which can clog the drain. Large seeds, rinds, bones, corn cobs and other large or dense objects should go in the trash and not the disposal. You’ll know that garbage disposal flywheel is jammed if it makes a humming noise and needs Renovations in Bathroom, Laundry & Kitchen. Or else, you can try a couple of things. But first, remember to should never put your hands into the disposal & call for a Local plumber in Adelaide and surrounding suburbs.

If you encounter plumbing problem in your home, it can be tempting to try to fix it yourself. What it first appears to be a minor problem can turn it into a major inconvenience if you make a mistake. Don’t run the risk of causing more damage due to lack of expertise. Trust licensed and highly experienced plumbers at Plumfast. Whether you have clogged disposal, toilet, sink or other plumbing problem, you can count on us for dependable plumbing service, repair and installation.